Frequently Asked Questions

What types of stains does Deo-Go treat?
Deo-Go is a pre-wash stain remover, formulated to completely remove laundry stains that are caused by antiperspirants and deodorants. If you wish to try Deo-Go on other stains please ensure you adhere to the precautions in the instructions page and perform a compatibility test in an inconspicuous area first.

How many shirts will a 250ml bottle of Deo-Go treat?
Between 15 and 20 shirts. That’s based on spraying approximately 10 sprays of Deo-Go to each armpit area.

Will Deo-Go stain or bleach my shirt, and is it safe to use on coloured clothing?
Deo-Go does not contain bleach, so can be used on both coloured clothing, and whites. Deo-Go can react with some fabric dyes, causing discoloration.

What type of fabrics can Deo-Go be used on?
Any fabric, however, it is always recommended that you first perform a compatibility test (see instructions for use).

Can I leave Deo-Go on my shirt for longer than 30 minutes?
A 30 minute soak should be sufficient time for the active ingredients to fully dissolve the antiperspirant / deodorant residue build up and the associated stain. You can leave Deo-Go for longer than 30 minutes however, do not let it dry out on your clothing.

Tip: A good scrub is more effective than a longer soak!

Will the stains return after treatment?
Deo-Go removes all residue build up and staining, leaving the fabric completely clean, however, it will not prevent the future build up and re-occurrence of stains. The good news is that Deo-Go can be used again! Our Preventing Future Stains page may also be useful for you.

Is Deo-Go available in larger bottles?
At this time, Deo-Go only comes in a 250ml bottle. If you need larger quantities, drop us a line.

Is Deo-Go guaranteed to remove deodorant and sweat stains?
Yes! But in the unlikely event that Deo-Go doesn’t do the job, or you’re not entirely satisfied, please contact us so we can arrange a no quibble refund. We are always looking at ways to improve our product, so the more information you can supply, even photographs, the better.

What precautions do I need to take before applying Deo-Go?
As with all chemicals and cleaning agents, there are some precautions you should take before and during the use of Deo-Go. Wearing rubber gloves and ensuring Deo-Go does not come into contact with your eyes is essential, as is laying the garment on a protected surface during treatment. Avoid prolonged contact with metal surfaces such as stainless steel as staining of the metal surface may occur. Refer to the instructions page of the website for more detailed information.

Will Deo-Go leave any chemical residues after treatment?
Deo-Go is completely soluble in water. Post treatment washing of the garment in an automatic washing machine in accordance with the garment’s recommended washing instructions will remove all traces of Deo-Go from your garment.

How often can Deo-Go be used on a garment?
We would advise that your clothes are only treated whenever there is an appreciable stain or residue build-up to be removed. We do not recommend excessive use.

What if my garment is ruined through use of Deo-Go?
As with all chemicals and cleaning agents, there is a risk of damage to the garment. If the instructions are followed correctly and a compatibility test is carried out on an inconspicuous area, the risk of damaging a garment should be eliminated. However, we can not accept any liability for any damage caused by the product.

Can’t find the answer you need?
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