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I LOVE this product! Saved my favorite dress (97% cotton, 3% spandex, indigo dye) from being downgraded from a fancy “going out” garment to an old rag that could only be worn with a sweater. – Cindy

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You know what’s a great look? A crisp, white blouse tucked into jeans. It’s very 1960s casual chic. Do you know what doesn’t look good? The yellowing of the pits on a crisp, white…
It Worked

I think this actually worked! For a while, I was using this european deodorant, which apparently was slowly staining the underarm areas of my shirts. So I figured that I would give this product a try.

It did remove the deep yellow sweat stains on most shirts.

Should Have Found It Sooner

The only complaint I have about this product is that I didn’t find it sooner! I have been battling deodorant stains for my entire adult life because I have a broad chest (therefore all my shirts are tight in the armpits) and live in the tropics. Let’s just say that maaaaaaany of my favorite t-shirts have either been thrown out or turned into talk tops.

I have now used Deo-Go on 10 shirts and only one still has pit stains, AND I still have more than half the bottle left. Next I plan on trying it on my backpack straps.

Deo Go Stain Remover Works Wonders 
“What a fantastic product with unbelievable results. Just spray on, leave a short while, then wash and away go those deo build ups. Its amazing never thought it would work but it does exactly what it says on the bottle.”

“I’ve tried everything on my husband’s shirts to remove the thick build up left from deodorant stains and nothing has ever got it out but this!! First go it removed all stain from the underarm!! The only part I had to redo was the seams of the underarm as this is thicker material so needed a bit more work. Although it takes a bit of time to scrub them I was about to throw his shirts out as they were no longer wearable! Now they look like new!”

Smell removed along with stains 
“I agree with all the positive 5-star reviews that this product removes old deodorant stains very well. I couldn’t find any comments though about its smell-removing capabilities. My finding is it completely clears old sweat smells, even when ironing shirt armpits. Highly recommended.”

Does what it says on the tin!! 
“After trying many products, this one actually delivers what it promises. Finally something that does what it says on the tin!”

Well worth the money 
“I was impressed by this product, and several white t-shirts are now wearable again. Do take note of where you put the clothes when waiting for the product to work, as I now have a marked stainless steel sink. My fault, I read the instructions but then forgot to apply them.”

Deo-Go Stain Remover, works really well 
“I brought this item when I saw it advertised and thought for what it cost, it was worth a try if it made some of my clothes wearable again. I have to say, it worked on all the underarm deodorant stains on my tops and has given them all a new lease of life. Thanks for creating such a brilliant product!”

Shirts saved

“I purchased this product to see if I could save a number of shirts and t-shirts that have suffered from deodorant build up over the last 2-3 years. Following the directions of soaking, scrubbing and washing I managed to remove the built in stains of 8 shirts and 2 t-shirts already and I’m only a third of the way through the bottle. It does a great job, with all but one shirt needing a single application. My T-shirts have required 2 goes, as the stains seem to stick a little more to the fabric. This is an excellent product that I will replace immediately when it runs out.”

“I recently threw several t-shirts away as they had terrible armpit stains caused by the deodorant that I use. I took a gamble ordering this – but I thought ‘what the hell?’ It was quite cheap and seemed to get decent reviews from people that have used it…

So here I am writing a very similar review. This product works! I feel really sad to have thrown some of my t-shirts away now, as I really loved some of them – and this product would have sorted them out.

Very simple to use – just spray affected areas and scrub. Leave for about 20 mins, for the spray to work its magic, then wash. i have a delay feature in my washing machine so I delay it to start by 30 mins. At the end, the marks have faded away. I’m not talking subtle marks here… we’re talking worse case. It’s gone dark and quite hard due to washing and tumble dryer use. But this spray sorted it all out.