Saved my Dress

Posted March 10, 2016

I LOVE this product! Saved my favorite dress (97% cotton, 3% spandex, indigo dye) from being downgraded from a fancy “going out” garment to an old rag that could only be worn with a sweater. – Cindy

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Saved My Favourite Shirt

Posted March 10, 2016

Sent a few bottles overseas, great feedbakc here as well

Tried everything, nothing worked, until I tried this product….I had a favorite white shirt that I resisted throwing out coz I liked it so much, but it was unwearable, it took two treatments but now it is good as new!!!!!!! This is a great product that works. – PC

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Perpective Magazine

Posted March 10, 2016
You know what’s a great look? A crisp, white blouse tucked into jeans. It’s very 1960s casual chic. Do you know what doesn’t look good? The yellowing of the pits on a crisp, white…
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It Works!!

Posted March 10, 2016

By JBon

I think this actually worked! For a while, I was using this european deodorant, which apparently was slowly staining the underarm areas of my shirts. So I figured that I would give this product a try.

It did remove the deep yellow sweat stains on most shirts

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Customer Loving the Product

Posted March 10, 2016

By palffyon

I bought this product based on the positive reviews others have left about this product. Many of my shirts are stained with yellow deodorant stains left by Arrid XX and Arrid Extra Dry, both of which contain Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly 20%. I followed the directions as provided on several of my shirts, and repeated them several times as directed in case the Deo-go does not work sufficiently the first time. Suffice to say, there was no apparent difference in the stains on my shirts before and after treatment. Perhaps this product may work on deodorant stains left by other compounds, but it does not appear to work on the main ingridients of Arrid. Now I am stuck with an almost full bottle of Deo-go.. and my still dirty shirts

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Great Customer Feedback

Posted April 2, 2013

Worked for me with only 2 applications on black, dark gray and light gray cotton T-shirts. Ordering another bottle since it goes pretty fast, you have to be very
generous with the application, get it soaking wet, going beyond the boundry of  the stain . I was able to save 6 shirts with one bottle – 12 applications total.
I’m guessing it’s effectiveness has a lot to do with the kind of deoderant you have staining your shirts. My black and dark gray shirts were stained white,
Light gray shirts had tan stains. All gone


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I can Wear my Favourite Shirts

Posted February 25, 2013

Thank you so much! Your product is incredible it makes me very happy to be able to wear my fav shirts without stains again.
– Erica

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Works on Colours !

Posted February 25, 2013

I am truly impressed by this product. I sweat a fair amount and use clinical strength deodorant…between those two things I find that white shirts often have yellow stains under the arms. I had resigned myself to not wearing white as often and having to replace white shirts fairly regularly. This product really worked to remove the yellow stains. I’ve also tried it on a few colored clothing items and found it also worked on them and didn’t affect the color or fabric. I will definitely buy more of this product.
– G – Ro

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Sonia Loves the Product !

Posted February 25, 2013

This product is fantastic! I just cleaned underarm sweat stains from shirts that I had not had any success in cleaning with other products. The shirts look like new again. Thank you! Sonia of Brisbane Qld

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How to Use DeoGo

Posted February 18, 2013

How to use Deo-Go

1. Check first

It is important that you always test for colour-fastness before use on your garments. Spot test an inconspicuous area and thoroughly inspect for any signs of discolouration.

Test on a hem or shirt tail or inside the collar of the garment by applying a penny sized spot of Deo-Go. Wait a minute, then rinse the area with water. Inspect the garment for any signs of discoloration. If there is any doubt, dry the area and inspect again.

2. Spray ’n scrub

Turn your garment inside out. Spray directly on to the stains, ensuring both sides of the fabric are fully saturated. Scrub with a short bristle brush and leave to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. For those tougher stains, give them another scrub during the soak time and apply a little more Deo-Go if required.

As a guide, use around 10 sprays on each armpit area to ensure good coverage and fabric saturation.

When scrubbing, pay particular attention to the inside seams and any areas of heavy staining.

If the fabric begins to dry before the end of the soak period, spray a little more Deo-Go on to the stain to keep it wet and active.

3. Machine it

Wash your garment (separately from other untreated items) as per the normal washing instructions. If any stain remains, repeat the treatment.

Do not wash your treated item with any clothing that has not been previously spot tested for colour fastness. However, you can wash multiple garments together if you treating more than one at the same time.

After washing, inspect the previously stained area (it may help to hold your clothing up in front of a bright light or window) and prepare to be amazed!

If any stain remains, repeat the treatment, preferably while the fabric is still damp.


Deo-Go can react with certain fabric dyes, permanently discolouring them. It is important to always test for colour-fastness when using Deo-go on coloured fabrics.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Don’t leave on unprotected surfaces (especially stainless steel) for prolonged periods, and always clean surfaces after use. Do not use on lacquered or varnished surfaces or porous materials e.g. marble or stone. Do not use on suede or leather, or garments with a special finish.

Wear suitable protective clothing.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes – In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do and continue rinsing. If on skin, wash with plenty of water. If swallowed, rinse mouth, do not induce vomiting and seek medical advice.

Deo-Go should be stored and used at room temperature. Keep in the original container. Do not mix or use with any other cleaning products.

Please visit the Deo-Go website at


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